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 What Is The Bain Marie?

Delicious meal is the dream of every person and cooking is the essential part of this process, using the bain marie product gives benefical opportunities to make fabulous effects on meal. When considered from this point of view, Eagle Commercial serve many  reasonably, top quality  and jammy kitchen equipments and utensils to whole customers.

Bain Marie is a food warming contrivance, intentionaled for serving pre-cooked food ready to eat for a long period. The name of the term came from French language that means melting chocolate with a warm water bath, nowadys cheffs use this method for both melting something to prepare and keep warm  prepared foods to eat. Bain Marie catalyze professional gastronom life circumstances to make easy and comfortably.

Bain Marie

How To Use Bain Marie?

Bain Marie mades in a spacious diversity of types, sizes and shapes, but generally they are a big cylindrical metal containers categorazid by three main parts which are internal container, outer container and a handle.  It can be said that outer container give heat source and  internal container holds the meals to be cooked by the way the foods keep hot for a long period. Eagle Commercial has various types of Bain Marie warming equipment and very pleasure to be part of happines of clientele. The apparatus use by filling bottom pan with 1 – 3 inches water and top pan hits above it,  turn on device that water will keep foods hot and fresh.

What Is The  Bain Marie - Eaglecommercial
What Is The  Bain Marie - Eaglecommercial

Bain Marie Temperature Control

Bacteria grow fastly between  25°C – 40°C degrees as the well known knowledge foods with bacteria can intoxicate people and destroy human healthy. At this point Bain Marie give guarantee to protect foods between 60°C – 63°C degrees that is appopriate  for quality of foods and bacteria cannot surveve at this tempratures. Eagle Commercial give opportunies to maintain the machines temprature control.

Bain Marie Temperature Control - Eaglecommercial
Bain Marie Temperature Control - Eaglecommercial

Bain Marie Contact

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